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Corrugated Cardboard Packaging Material

Benefits Of Corrugated Cardboard Packaging

Easy to Customise :
This is one of many good reasons for choosing this material. It can be easily adjusted based on the needs of the products you are shipping. There are various types of treatments and coatings that can be applied to best fit your packaging needs. It can become flame resistant by adding more to the material. If your products are heavy you definitely don’t want added packaging weight as it increases the shipping costs. The beauty of corrugated boxes is that they are lightweight and strong.

Sturdiness :
The production of the cardboard allows for many variations of thickness and weights. The best-known use for corrugated cardboard is cushioning as it resists compression and is an excellent low-cost item. Use these corrugated cardboard sheets to line boxes, separate items inside or pad them. Corrugated packaging offers excellent protection especially for fragile goods because it provides a very stable cushion for your products.

Cost-effective :
Corrugated cardboard packaging is made from between 70 and 100% recycled material making them one of the green packaging materials available. Corrugated cardboard is fairly easy to recycle and you can also fold them back up and store them away for later uses as compared to other packaging material.

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