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Minipack Replay 55 EVO

Minipack's Replay 55 Evo Shrink and Seal Machine is the perfect solution for when you are required to simultaneously shrink and seal. With its powerful yet controllable rotating fan that causes the air circulation required to shrink these machines are capable of using some of the most innovative films made today. Some of the beniefitfs of the replay 55 are High-performance steel resistors, which cut shrinking time by 50% and heating time cut by 60%. The Soft Shrink fan speed adjustment offers perfect heat-shrinking also on very light or flexible products.

Sealing Area:

  • Sealing Area 20" x 16"
  • Chamber Height 8"
  • Center Folded Film Types Polyolefin / PVC
  • Maximum Roll Width 24"
  • Maximum Roll Diameter 10"
  • Adjustable Product Height
  • Automatic Lid Open
  • Teflon Coated Sealing Blade
  • Programmable Sealing Blade Temperature

Operational Features:

  • Machine Type Manual
  • Automatic: SealCutRelease
  • Sealing Blade Heat Impulse
  • 3 Working Modes
    (Bag Only/Bag & Shrink/Multiples)
  • Adjustable Hood Opening
  • Overheat Safety Circuit
  • Tearless Perforation System
  • Lid Closure Manual

The Replay 55 also offers optional features such as Film Entry Extension ,Electric Scrap Winder , Cut & Seal Hold Down with Timer and a 11" extended hood. The display and controls are a water resistant LED display with digital controls which allow 10 customizable programs.

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