Strapping and banding materials to fit your needs.

Plastic and steel strapping.

Strapping Products

Beck Packaging is one of Lehigh Valley's largest distributors for steel and plastic strapping products.

Our consultative employee owners will take the time to understand your business and provide strapping solutions and guidance. Our consultative experts compare your demand versus costs and establish opportunities to reduce consumption.

Beck Packaging reduces inventory carrying costs. Whenever possible, manufacturers will benefit from nimble and responsive manufacturing operations. Purchasing smaller order quantities through local distributors can drastically reduce not only freight costs, but inventory carrying costs as well.

EcoGuard™ Edge Protection

ECOGUARD™ is manufactured from 100% recycled high density polyethylene and it can also be recycled and designed to be re-used.

Some of it's characteristics and benefits are moisture and weather resistant, unitizesy your shipment, improved stacking strength and better tension distribution.

Ecoguard™ is available in stock sizes, but can be custom produced in various lengths and weights to fit your specfic needs for you business.

...we think inside the box

But we also think outside the box to secure and protect your products while being shipped.

We carry a large selection of accessories from strapping kits to cord strapping and buckles for all your strapping needs. Our experienced team of Customer Service representatives will work with you to decide which securing accessories best help ensure the safe shipping of your products and most cost effective.