Stretch Film

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Stretch Films

Stretch Film

The stretch film products category is constantly evolving with more and more sophisticated manufacturing processes. You can rely on Beck Packaging to have access to the most up to date technologies to assist you in getting your product to its destination in the most cost effective manner with the least amount of effort.

Beck Packaging guides business owners to achieve maximum profitability with a focus on packaging, automation and efficiency. We help you make your business more cost-efficient and time saving not only for you but your employees and customers as well. We provide customized solutions for stretch film products needed for your business and it's shipping process.

Blown Stretch Film

Blown stretch film is manufactured by heating beads of resin then forced through a die and blown out vertically inot a bubble. It is then formed into rolls of stretch film while it is being cooled. This manufacturing process allows grater resistance to breaking and a higher ability to shrink back to original size after stretch. The clarity is not crystal clear, but has a low gloss reducing reflections.

Cast Stretch Film

Cast stretch film is manufactured much like th blown stretch film proccess. Resin beads are fed into a heated barrel then forced through a narrow slotted die. It is then fed through a path of chilled rollers that solidifies the film and then made into rolls of stretch fim. The clarity is perfectly clear maaking reading and scanning in warehouse light easy.

Along with Blown stetch film and Cast stretch film Beck Packaging also offers stretch film in color tinted, opaque and anti-static pre-stretch film ranging from 3 inch hand held rollls to wide machine fed rolls.

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Oblique Stretch Film
Hand held stretch film