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Top packaging quotes of 2018

We continue to believe the ecommerce channel can drive improved customer experience and functionality. This is our ultimate mission.

Justine Mahler

This will likely be the kickstart that many companies needed to truly design packaging for the ecommerce channel.

Brian Wagner

Fans have had an overwhelmingly positive response to the Lay's Smile bags, showing their support on social media by sharing images with their bags using #SmileWithLays

Sarah Guzman

The results and feedback to the program have been tremendous. Our Customers relations team has fielded many cute nites and we've seen really great engagement on social media.

Rhasheda Boyd
Frito-Lay, North America

We're creating entirely new consumption occasions for consumers and brands. We're also creating great experiences for the consumer in areas beyond food and beverages like home fragrance and heated cosmetic products.

Greg Clark
Inductive Intelligence LLC

People with chronic conditions are more likely to adhere to medications that are delivered directly to thier homes, and higher medication adherance rates are linked to lower healthcare costs and better healthcare outcomes.

Jon Mahrt

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